Novo Nordisk

Designing for 100 Million Patients

Exploring the uncharted areas to help 100 million patients with diabetes in the US - 463 million worldwide.

With 4.2 million death caused by diabetes in 2019 alone, Novo Nordisk's mission is to help changing diabetes - one patient at the time. Beside working on the R&D projects, I was in charge of the product and experience design for the company's first Software as a Medical device (SaMD) for NFC-enabled NovoPen 6 and the up-coming Bluetooth-enabled Insulin pen.

Role & Responsibilities

Product Design and Experience Lead

Patent Awarded:

A system for assisting in administration of a drug, 用于帮助药物施用的系统

Business Goal

My job was to collaborate with multiple stakeholders across the globe including Denmark, Germany, UK, US, and China to create the first companion app for Novo Nordisk connected insulin pens as the first step of the company's digital health initiative.

The Challenges

Since this app was considered a medical device, it had the risk of patients' injury and death if there were mistakes in the design that lead to harm. However, due to the risk and regulations, we were unable to use release and build-release-learn iterations to fine-tune the products. The design must be perfect out of the gate and complies with multiple regulations and International standards such as IEC62304.

Due to the confidential nature of this project, details will be provided upon request.

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