Hi, I craft inclusive hardware & software AI multi-modal experiences, transforming lives by amplifying human potential...

also a cat person 🐱, an inspired barista ☕, and a mentor 🧑‍🏫.

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Brands I helped

I'm currently working on the Google Assistant and Duplex to help enable voice interaction for millions of users.

I designed the best-in-class omnichannel experience and providing leadership in design vision across mobile platforms.

From zero to launch, I led the design of the assistant developer platform. Now it's being used across Facebook to build cool stuff like this and this.

Together, we redesigned the framework of voice privacy management and extended that across devices and the Facebook platform.

With Facebook, I extended its AI voice assistant platform to 3rd parties through wit.ai. I also helped revising branding and website design.

I helped launched the first voice-interactive AR effects/games and redesigned user education frameworks that are user-friendly and reduced developers' burden.

With London Spark's team, we collaborated on integrating voice command into creators' working flow so anyone can create voice-controlled AR effects.

I led the product vision and usability design for medical device software and hardware – with emphasis on connectivity, big data, cloud platform, and machine learning.

With the Azure research team, we worked together to build UX strategies on how to connect developers and IT admins experience seamlessly.

I created and executed an overhaul of the IT admin dashboard and made it easier for people without an IT background.

Collaborated with the design team, I helped aligned MS Teams' experience across multiple platforms and designed v.0 of the Android version.

With the help of Stanford's professor, I designed an opioid prescription tool that doctors can use to prevent overprescribing and discover patients' potential addiction problems.

Recognitions & Interviews


Visual Editor For Designing Augmented-Reality Effects that Utilize Voice Recognition

A computer-implemented method, comprising, by an artificial-reality (AR) design tool: receiving, through a user interface (UI) of the AR design tool, instructions to add a voice-command module to an AR effect. Read more

A system for assisting in administration of a drug

A system and kit for assisting a subject in administering an injectable drug by use of an injection device having communication means to communicate data at least about sizes of doses expelled and a timestamp for when each dose was expelled. Read more

Sample Projects

Hey Facebook

Voice Developer Platform

Facebook + Wit.ai

Natural Language Dev Tool Redesign

Facebook Portal

Interaction Design, Voice, AR

Novo Nordisk

Software as a Medical Device Platform