University of Washington

The University of Washington is where many new technology companies launched from ideas of professors and grants. However, these companies require end-to-end design solutions including designing the minimum viable product (MVP), creating marketing plans, and identifying the system architecture.

As the product designer/project manager, I helped multiple professors and entrepreneurs to get their products to market with a robust marketing and business models.

National Center for Quality Teaching and Learning

NCQTL was the organization funded by the Office of Head Start to create tools for 300,000 coaches and teachers in the US which impacted over 1 millions children every year.

My role

The projects from NCQTL ranged from e-learning suites, videos, prints, webinar, variety shows, and web application. I was in charge of designing all the products including productions and project management.

Featured projects


Besides improving the knowledge of children across the US, my works have been adopted as the de-facto tools for multiple states including Washington. I also brought the human-centered design to the Head Start organization as a whole. It was regarded as the new standard of its product design. Even now, you can still see my design framework implemented throughout the organization.

iBestt App — team-based student support

iBestt is the team-based student support web app that connects coaches, teachers, and staffs together to assess, to intervene, and monitor the progress of children behaviors.

My role

I was brought in as a project manager to set design direction and lead the team of designers, videographer, and content creators.


While the app was coded by the outside agency, I pushed ahead with the redesign direction. Using the scrum method, I tracked multiple moving parts of the project and made sure things get delivered on-time with the highest quality. This included the website, video tutorials, the app, and training documents.


The iBESTT app received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. After relaunched, the app got 3x more usage than the previous version and user-base doubled.

#InclusionMatters at Haring Center

Haring Center provides early childhood education to children with and without disabilities, conducts leading-edge research to advance inclusive learning, and trains education professionals in proven practices to develop every child’s potential.

Project Goals and timeline

The main goal was to revitalize the brand and get the center ready for a new fundraising campaign. Additionally, the center wanted to showcase multiple products built under its research to attract philanthropists. The works needed to be done within 6 months before the annual auction.


Upon my research, I found that the Haring Center has a strong community of support, who are very passionate about the cause. However, the center has been self-run for a long time without proper marketing and design guidance. Plus, the annual fund-raising auction, which was on the declining slope, needed a revitalizing push to make it exciting again.


I was able to rebrand the Haring Center using the core message of inclusion potentials. The visual consisted of children and the staffs showing stories of success and the impact of the researches.


  • $700,000 raised over one night in a sold-out annual auction.
  • BidPal, the auction platform asked to use my campaign as their case study.
  • 40% engagement rate in the marketing campaign.
  • The design framework was created for both branding and future products.

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