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Perfect Loop

UX/UI Design, Frontend Development



Hiring the right candidate can be both art and science. Outside of what listed in candidates' resume, there are many factors that can make your hiring successful such as personality, work styles, working preference, and much more. Perfectloop's hiring insight uncovers the inner-workings of the hiring process. Not just what is supposed to happen, but what is actually happening as reported by the participants themselves.

My Roles

UX/UI Designer
At Perfectloop, I worked on the UI and UX design of the application. The key idea was to balance between human conversation and sleekness of the app interaction. To reduce the friction, motion and progress bar were used to inform users of there's any activity behind the scene and where they are in the process.

Frontend Developer
Additionally, I also wrote the frontend code (HTML, CSS, Javascript, the works) in the Heroku & Django stack. The app was based on asynchronous processing method to reduce the respond time. The app is also responsive for best user experience in mobile & tablet.

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Due to confidential nature of this project, additional examples will be provided upon request.

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Software as a Medical Device UX/UI

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Product, Visual, Interaction Design

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Marketing, Branding, Event Design


UX Research, Web Design


UX/UI Design, Frontend Development

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