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campaign for inclusion

University of Washington — Haring Center

The client is an integrated early childhood program dedicated to improving the lives of children with developmental disabilities and other special needs as well as their families and those who work on their behalf. The goal for the campaign is to raise 7 million dollars within 5 years.

The Challenge The challenge is that Haring Center had very fragmented marketing and branding between their 3 core units: the kindergarten program (EEU), professional development (PDU), and research (ARU). Additionally, the budgets were severely limited.
Findings Upon research, I found that Haring Center has a strong community of support, who are very passionate about the cause. However, the center has been self-run for a long time without proper marketing and design guidance. Plus, there was a huge threat of their losing the #1 spot in inclusion education to competitors.


Starting from a clean slate, the center needed something to anchor their brand together. And it needed to comply with UW branding guidelines. So I started out with their main campaign info piece, a simple 4 x 4 saddle stitch booklet with new photography direction.

The first success was that after the piece was launched, the center beat their donations estimate by 10% in the first few months, which was a great sign of what was to come.

campaign for inclusion
Re-aligned the Brand To fix the branding fragmentation, I began with EEU's advancement and PDU’s collaterals design: flyer, PowerPoint template, emails, invitations, info sheets, and more. We created a centralized assets file vault and shared it among the team.
Collecting Data I performed SWOT analysis and personas with the leadership team to create the goal-oriented plan for the upcoming year. All the decisions from this point on were based on analytic results, in order to avoid potential bias.
campaign for inclusion
Annual Auction Every year, the Haring Center hosts a themed fund-raising auction to pay for their operations and child services. This year was the golden anniversary to celebrate 50 years of Haring Center’s impact.
Look & Feel The design for the event was based on the black and gold theme of 1920s era. We had a volunteer photographer who came and took photos of kids in costume, which we incorporated throughout the marketing pieces. On a side note, it was the cutest photoshoot I've ever participated in!
The pieces All of the auction communication pieces were astonishing — including sponsors' forms, email communications, social media postings, decorations, signs, invitations, 300page catalog, sponsors' ads, and videos.
campaign for inclusion
The Results The auction raised more than $700,000. The seats were sold out only 2 days after the invitations arrived in the mail. The email click-through rate averaged at 40%. And our partner at BidPal used my design as their showcase in their webinar for best practices.
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