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Vertical Campus was a full-service campaign by Roosevelt University, partnering with TDH. This campaign used many breakthrough technologies, including out-of-the-box ad placement such as Michelangelo bus ads, personalized microsites, SMS auto reply, messaging apps, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Post-it Notes, and QR code.

Client Roosevelt University
Background Roosevelt University (RU) decided to build a new 34-story building. The goal was to position the school as a landmark by adding to the Chicago skyline, and create more exposure, as well as new facilities for students. Our task was to drive the buzz around this new construction and create more brand recognition for the new RU logo that was launched three months prior.
The Challenge It was quite a challenge to build enrollment buzz around a new building alone. Despite how state-of-the-art the building was, our research showed that the metropolitan school demographic did not put campus appeal as their #1 priority. So the main key was to find the solution that pushed emotional appeal to the audience, using the new building as the catalyst.
The Big Idea The idea was that expanding and refreshing the RU campus showed optimism for the future. The future will be brighter and uplifting. And everything will go up – just like the new building.
The Execution The only images we had were architectural renderings in various angles. So every asset counted. The main hero image was featured in all the ads that were placed around the Chicago downtown area. Partnering with the local agency, TDH, RU began to find different and refreshing ways to place the ads – ground breaking, so to speak. We began with the first-ever “Michelangelo,” which was an ad on the inside ceiling of the bus. Then came magazine ads that folded “up.” QR code was used to create the trackable ad’s URL.
Social Media Push Beside the traditional ad campaign, social media was starting to gain traction in our audience. So as a supplement, we brought the social media management in-house. It became part of the “up” campaign and blasted out with the same message.
Technology Push

In addition, we used other aspects of technology outside of traditional websites and social media. First, we used the SMS auto reply so students could text an RU number and get instant answers to questions such as the cost, location, programs, and more. If their questions were complicated, they could choose an option for admissions to text them back.

Each student also had a personalized microsite where they could plug in a number for personalized tuition cost, scholarships, program information based on their interests, and schedule a tour.

The Impact The ads generated more than 271 million impressions and 9,400 clicks, which was 30% higher than sector average. The campaign was also featured in the Chicago Sun-Times and won the Best of Show award from SIAA out of 2,000 entries. The social media push was also a success. We grew the fans number from 600 to 4,000 within a year.

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