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My name is Prakarn Nisarat, but you can just call me Prak – as in Prak•ti•cal or Prak•tas•tic. I'm currently designing the next generation omnichannel eCommerce experience for lululemon. Before, I designed the voice developer platform and how it integrated into AR/VR for Facebook; laid a foundation of digital health cloud ecosystem at Novo Nordisk; and worked on enterprise-grade tools for Microsoft.

Besides these tech giants, I helped startups and entrepreneurs launched their ideas off the ground and take the product experience to the next level.

I have a strong passion for solving complex problems and explore uncharted territories where the problems are not defined. Ambiguity makes me excited about the potential of what to come.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, kayaking, improving my latte art skill, and mentoring the next generation of designers. The feeling you get when your old students contacted you and let you know that your lessons helped to make their dream careers came true is just irreplaceable.

More Projects

Hey Facebook

Voice Developer Platform

Facebook + Wit.ai

Product Redesign

Facebook Portal

Interaction Design, Voice, AR

Password required

Novo Nordisk

Software as a Medical Device UX/UI

Skype for Business

Product, Visual, Interaction Design

Microsoft Teams

Design Audit, Mobile App Design

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